London based singer/songwriter debuted her first original release "Naked" this week. The track is a beautifully written ode to unapologetic self-love, with and old school r&b feel. Alongside Johann Ting on guitar, Naked is a delicately produced track that speaks to the songstress' vulnerability. We caught up with Savannah to find out more about the new release.

Having only put out a few releases in the past, from her Marvin Gaye cover to her popular 30 second snippets on twitter, Dumetz' fans were keen to hear something from the singers' own repertoire, and she definitely didn't disappoint. 

On Naked, Savannah tells us "it all started with me wanting to honour & redefine vulnerability. Naked is me embracing the beauty & power in myself, my whole self, the good and bad." The stripped back vocals alongside Ting's skilful guitar work and production from The Confect makes for a track that's easily listening. 


"Naked is speaking your truth, accepting and embracing your raw emotions and the moments that make you uncomfortable to make room for growth." - Savannah Dumetz


Check out the track below.

Photography by STFN DOCS