Pronounced AY-E-LIE, Los Angeles based artist AEli showcases his new track ‘Have You Ever’ ahead of his second project, ‘The Void’. AEli has spent most of his life creating music. At the tender age of two years old, he was writing and performing and developing his passion. 

With artists such as Andre 3000, Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez, Kanye West and The Police listed as his inspirations, the diversity of sound reflects his unconventional approach to creating music.

The sounds on “Have You Ever”  are striking, with AEli’s mellow vocals providing a serenity to the track. The Void, which will be released today is as AEli tells us,  a “story of my life from the perspective of the path I didn’t take when I reached the cross road.” The Void is his alternate reality that will be explored in ‘four episodes’, where they are all intertwined as part of one story.

It’s clear that AEli has an eclectic approach to delivering his art- and after listening to his material, you’ll immediately begin to hear his signature. Listen to ‘Have You Ever’ below:

The Void will be available for free from December 1st at 4pm PST and 12am GMT 

Words by Jesse (@MarvinsCorridor)