When I was younger I always envisioned living on top of a bakery and having the sweet smell of fresh bread constantly wafting into my Parisian apartment. I’ve always had a love affair with Paris ever since I would accompany my mum on her work trips there when I was younger.

However as I got older I never really had the opportunity to explore the city because prior visits usually lasted no more than on day. Then a recent opportunity gave me its beckoning call and I couldn’t resist.

Day 1:

Due to arriving late the night before I was determined to use this day to make up for lost time. The Musee du Louvre was first on my list, which unbeknownst to me is actually the Parisian equivalent of a tardis (I couldn’t resist including a Doctor Who reference), inside the glass structure were a set of escalators that descended into a breadth of vast space that housed numerous shops, restaurants and of course the museum itself.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 17.38.28.png



The decorative gold finishes on the ceilings and walls were as much a work art as the actual exhibition pieces on display. Standing directly in front of the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo statue were the highlights for me. We took a ten-minute walk from the museum to an area known as ‘Little Japan’ in search of something to eat. we decided on Kintoro, a place that is known locally for good Ramen. Later on that night we went to the Places + Faces party in Rue Ruamur. 

Day 2:

This day was spent roaming around the vintage shops of Blanché and Pigallé, and then we decided to take a stroll towards ‘Old Paris’, which consisted of cafes and houses located on up hill streets. We found ourselves at Sacre Coeur, a slightly timeworn church adorned with mosaic depictions of biblical stories and vibrantly stained windows.

There was a mass service taking place whilst we perused the building that left me with a slightly uncomfortable feeling, however that sense of unease was overshadowed by the grandiose décor of the church.  Bearing witness to the redemption of souls takes a lot out of you, thus we went in the pursuit of food. Back in Pigalle again, we settled on a restaurant that proclaimed to be burger artisans, nonchalantly inscribed with the name ‘Simply Burger’ - they did not disappoint.   They cleverly added accents of French flavours such as Camembert cheese and roasted apples to the typically ‘un-French’ menu at hand.

Day 3: 

Today consisted of an 8am departure time, two croissants for the road and a very tired person.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 17.43.50.png

Final Thoughts:

Paris is as ostentatious as it is inconspicuous. It is a melting pot simmering with vibrant culture and amazing imagery. Paris is Paris, but most important of all Paris is cheap, thank goodness for the Euro.

All the photos used were taken on an iPhone using the VSCO editing app that is available to download within the app store. 

Words and Images by Sandra Falase (@musingsandtea)