When most people book winter getaways, they tend choose destinations with a cocktail by the beach type of package, but oh contraire I opted to escape the cold British weather for the even more bitterly cold Swedish weather, however my best friend lives in Stockholm and I didn’t want her to be alone for New Years, thus putting yourself at risk of contracting hypothermia is the new true measure of friendship.


Our flight arrived at 2:30pm and by that point the sun had already started to set, the on going feud between the sun and most of Scandinavia is still one of great mystery. As a result the first day was spent acquiring food for the apartment and lounging around the rustic fireplace. However we did venture out to Soldermalm, which my friend described as "little Shoreditch", that played host to an array of retail/ vintage shops and scenic little restaurants.

DAY 2 

We left the apartment at 11am in order to take full advantage of day before the sun went down. With my GoPro in hand we set out to explore Gamla Stan, which literally translates to "Old Town" in Swedish. This location is dotted with tiny quaint cafes. Later on in the evening, New Years Eve celebrations ensued.


Post New Years celebration Hang over and Cinnamon Buns.


We went into town a quick ‘Fika’, which is pretty much the Swedish equivalent of brunch, with the only exception being that ‘Fika’ can occur at anytime of the day.

After, we journeyed across the Islands to Skeppsholmen, the central part of Stockholm- to visit the Museum of Modern art and Architecture Museum both housed under the same roof. Later on that night we went to Burns, a night out that is considered one of the best in Stockholm, the club has a similar vibe to that of the Ace Hotel (For you Londoners reading.) 


Day 6. Also known as the day I decided to become a bionic woman. We strolled/hiked towards Vinterviken, (The Winter Cove) a bay that is located on the Mälaren Lake in the southern part of Stockholm.  There was a huge rock fixture that had a seating area at the top, which overlooked an amazing view. I must admit the journey to the top was a treacherous one, with black ice being the main antagonist coupled with my dire lack of coordination. At the top of the fixture, we witnessed a beautiful sight that was the sun slowly disappearing into the lake. 

By some divine miracle we made it to the bottom of the rocks unscathed and went for another ‘stroll’ through the woods heading towards the Vinterviken traditional Café house to have lunch. Constructed from the remains of an old dynamite factory, if you truly love the culmination of food art and culture, the rustic interior detailed with the warm red brick walls, the several rooms of the house available to explore- and the deliciously curated food menu, this will truly be an exciting discovery for you.

DAY 6 

On my final night in Stockholm we decided to go to the island Soldermalm in order to explore the bars within the area. We went to the Pet sounds bar, where a funk and soul groove night was being held.


The morning of my departure consisted of a final stroll around Gamla Stan and a goodbye ‘Fika’ before I made my way to the airport at 12pm.

Final Thoughts

Stockholm is a thriving hubbub of Culture, Art and Style, which are virtues I believe if given the means to do so, everyone should endeavour to experience.  I definitely could see myself making the move to Stockholm if an amazing opportunity called me there, however I may be biased because I’m a xenophile, which basically means I’m consistently bitten by the travel bug.

Although the weather conditions were adverse for the majority of my stay, there was something about the crisp air and the beautiful scenery that encouraged me to propel myself into the full throttle of the outdoors. Who knows, maybe I still have some residual effects of my brief Scandimania. 

All of the pictures used were taken with my iPhone and edited on the VscoCam app, which is free to download within the app store.

Words and images by Sandra Falase (@musingsandtea)