Barren, cold, and dark; this is a vision of London that many of it's underground artists share. But when you've got a tribe of warriors all intent on the mission, nowhere is too intimidating to launch a takeover. Step in Serotonin, lead by Flowzart and Leone.Mon, and you see a new set of artists ready to claim glory.

Oath is the lead track from Flowzart's recent project, 1 of 3. and the visuals bring to life the crew's philosophy. Oath is all about ensuring your brother's success whilst being the best you can be to guarantee your own. And looking like a group of lost boys, Serotonin embrace the harshness of the town, marching around the dilapidated areas of London like a pack on the hunt.

Stay locked for more from these dudes and soak in Oath now.

Words by Ranako Daely @NarkiP