French trio UNNO release a captivating video for their atmospheric track ‘Walls’, released on Nowadays Records. With layered vocals and clicking acoustic percussion reminiscent of Woodkid, the visuals from French filmmaker d’auteur and photographer, Julien Capelle.

Since forming in 2011, UNNO - comprised of Awir Leon, J.Kid and Tismé, who are all members of the prolific Dunkirk-based JAYFLY collective - have been making a name for themselves in the French music scene. Following their first ever live performance on the French TV show Taratata, the group have since been delivering unforgettable performances bursting with an energy that is both dreamy and explosive, which led to them being named ‘The Discovery of Printemps de Bourges’.
Check out the video below and their Soundcloud for more great tracks including the groovy Blue Leaf.