At COZY, we're always on the hunt for things to do around London, and this Sunday we took a trip out to the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew. With over 250 years of history- Kew Garden's boasts over 100 world class attractions, this makes it the perfect place to spend an afternoon.. All for £14. With the launch of their "Intoxication Season", an exhibition exploring the effects of mind altering plants, needless to say COZY was interested to see what it was all about....

The Intoxication Season festival boasts everything from Class A drugs such as opium to the mind altering effects of magic mushrooms, with explorations of plants roles as intoxicants and medicines, including lectures by scientists and exhibitions of fungus and plants such as cannabis. It's definitely something to see.

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The controversial exhibiton has sparked outrage among some of Kew's residents, deeming it "irresponsible"- however despite this, Kew has seen a 20% rise in visitors since last year- and we certainly enjoyed it.

After listening to the lectures (not to mention actually TRYING some mind altering plants ourselves... with permission, of course) We decided to venture out into the gardens to see what else was on offer.

Enter the biggest freakin' greenhouse we've ever seen!

This is by far Kew Garden's most famous attraction. As soon as you enter, visitors are submerged into the tropical and humid climate of the amazon rainforest. This is a must see.

After that, our final trip was to the Treetop Walkway- which was, in our opinion, the coolest part of Kew Gardens.  This 18 meter high walkway allows you to literally walk through the treetops, with breathtaking views of the garden below and the rest of London. (N.B- If you're scared of heights, we don't recommend this one, as the walkway has a transparent flooring... Eek!)

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Once we were back on solid ground, we ended our afternoon with an incredible fudge cake at the Victoria Gate cafe in the park. We would of shown you a photo.. but unfortunately we ate it before we could (It was just too good.)

-- Words by Neela (@foxyneela