In the hip hop world, we're all too familiar with seeing women shake their asses, frolicking around an array of multimillion dollar sports cars in the California sun. Nothing new there, you might say.

Except for Young Thug's new video, shot by production company, Pomp&Clout for the track 'Wyclef Jean', from Thugger's recently released album, 'Jeffrey'. The video is a clever, and funny subversion on the stereotypical hip hop music video.

Narrated by his "director" Ryan Staake, he explains how Young Thug never did in fact show up for the video shoot, and what ensues is pretty amusing.


Staake goes on to explain crew were left waiting for thugger, for over ten hours, shooting b-roll footage instead of the "bitches" that thugger had requested be in the video. Not to mention some adorable children destroying a police car.


This had all the makings of yet another stereotypical hip-hop music video video. But Young Thug played up to the stereotype in a smart and interesting, unexpected way. Putting the joke on himself rather than inflating his ego.


This kind of thought and challenge to stereotypes isn't unpredictable for Thugger, who even with the album itself has proven he is an intelligent, conceptual artist that pushes the boundaries of what is accepted within the hip hop world; A prime example being his album cover, in which he poses in a Alessandro Trincone dress, fiercely subverting views on black masculinity and gender.


Watch the video for "Wyclef Jean" below: