So It's Halloween and you don't have your costume ready. Have no fear! COZY’s got you covered! We put together a list of costumes made up of some things you may already have in your wardrobe. Check it out below:


Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction

This one goes out to all the Tarantino fans, based on the outfit from the famous, Jack Rabbit Slim diner scene, this is a really easy-to-assemble costume.

All you will need is a classic white shirt, black trousers, black flats and a black bob wig (which you can order on amazon for as little as £6). For bonus points and a little scarier edge – we recommend adding some fake blood around your nose!

Steve Jobs

This look is taking inspiration from Steve circa 1998 - just throw on a black turtleneck, blue jeans, a pair of white trainers and some fake glasses. Walk around holding your iPhone to really nail the look!


Clark Kent

I’m not referring to the full on red and blue leotard and cape, Whilst that would look amazing, we’re a bit pushed for time! I’m talking more, mid-transformation Clark Kent – like when shits about to go down and he rips of his shirt and reveals the S on his chest..

For this look.. dress like a nerd! However, wear a Superman t-shirt underneath and unbutton your shirt.. and voila!


Mathilda from Leon: The Professional

Leon: The Professional is such a bad ass film, featuring a very young Natalie Portman playing street-smart Mathilda. 

Mathilda’s style was so cool and so wonderfully 90’s – all you’ll need is a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, some boots and a bomber jacket. Just don’t forget the wig and bunny rabbit toy!


Any of the Fresh Prince characters

I was going to limit this at just Will and Carlton, but Hilary’s valley girl style would make a great costume too.

For Will you’ll need jeans, trainers, a baseball cap (unless you happen to have a high top!) and a crazy, patterned, bright shirt of some kind.


For Carlton you’ll need to bring out your Sunday best! Smart shoes, smart trousers, a shirt and for bonus points: a bow tie!


And for Hilary, you’ll need a cute blazer and skirt combo followed by a hat, a small hand bag and a pair of heels.


Any Girl Band of the 90s

From the Spice Girls to TLC, if you and your group of friends are stuck on a costume idea, come together and collaborate! My personal favourite would have to be TLC’s silk pyjamas look from the Creep music video.


This one is for the mandem, such an incredibly easy and stylish costume idea with items you probably have in your wardrobe - but to prevent being accused of just wearing your normal clothes, buy a cheap black beanie and glue a couple tracks of curly weave to it.. then you’ve got the perfect Eazy-E/Ice Cube look!


We hope this guide has given you some inspiration and if you happen to wear one of these looks, tweet us with a picture at @cozymag_!


Words by Taylor-Dior Rumble (@XO_TDR)